Monday, February 4, 2008

All New CR-V Sent Out By Honda-Honda Review

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The Honda CR-V is a vehicle that has already been in the automotive industry since the year 1996. This year could be considered as its tenth year in the industry. This vehicle is a compact crossover sport utility vehicle and it has been built in only one body style which is the sport utility vehicle that holds five doors. The Mazda Cx-7, Subaru Forester, Toyota RAV4, and the Mitsubishi Outlander are the vehicles that can be considered as the tough contenders of the Honda CR-V in the race to the top.

Now, the Honda Motor Corporation has sent out the newest Honda CR-V out to the industry. According to the company, this new vehicle is actually one that would give you a good driving experience. Plus, it comes with much improved levels in its equipment, instruments, and features. Of course, Honda made sure that the newest Honda CR-V has the best parts Honda as well as the latest technology in safety. This September 28th, you may want to watch out for the public unveiling of this vehicle during the upcoming Paris Auto Show.

Compared to the previous versions of this crossover sport utility vehicle, the new one would hold a lower center of gravity. Honda also claims that this new one would be boasting of a wider stance plus quite a number of significant changes to its steering and suspension geometry. The company also boasts that this new Honda CR-V would also be having a far faster and quicker response. It also holds directional stability plus a much better agility because of the changes that were done to the vehicle’s chassis. And all these changes all round off to a better and more enhanced handling of the vehicle.

Honda made sure that this Honda CR-V would not only be fitted for on road travails. You see, the company also boasts that even if you use this one for off road adventures, the Honda CR-V would make the whole experience quite remarkable and unforgettable.

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