Friday, October 26, 2007

The inside story – Honda CR-V

Here is some useful information about The inside story – Honda CR-V :
Honda CR-V is the strong 4wd with i-vtec powerplant engine. It’s will send you to anywhere that you wish. From the outside, it’s look great and powerful. With the rigid body, it’s look very elegant. The inside of Honda CRV is also great, to give the comfortable driving. The quality of Honda continues from older model to Honda CR-V. this is the Honda CR-V inside :

Flat Floor
One interior feature that gives the Honda CR-V a genuine edge is its lat floor. Created by burying the transmission tunnel and mounting the gear stick on the dashboard. There’s a much greater sense of space up front of this and having the shifter so close to hand makes for a far more comfortable driving position.

Throttle Off
It’s only a curio really. But when it comes to pointless aeroplane-style handbreakes. Honda has succeeded where Vauxhall an Renault have recently failed. The Honda CR-V is quick, easy and effective in operation , a far cry from the clumsy hat in the zafira.

Screen Burn
A poorly conceived satnav is a real let-down though. It’s fiddly and much the hardest to work.