Saturday, August 23, 2008

Dissecting the 2008 Honda Accord Marketing Brochure

Here is some useful information about Dissecting the 2008 Honda Accord Marketing Brochure :
Honda, like most other manufacturers, has placed a premium on their point of sale (POS) products. The most widely circulated of these point of sale products is their individual model brochures.

In this article, we are going to take a thorough look into the 2008 Honda Accord marketing product brochure. This is a 23 page brochure that Honda has invested a tremendous amount of money hoping to persuade the general public that this is more than a car, but an extension of who you are.

"In Developing the new Accord, we considered the road...and everything beyond it." This is the lead in for the brochure. Honda is trying to create the feeling that the 2008 Accord is designed to be than just another car, it's a driving experience.

On Page 4, they cleverly turn the Accord into a personalized driving machine. "To surpass everything we've done before, we've looked for inspiration beyond where it lives to where you live. Precisely tuning the new Accord to the demands of the road, and to desires of its driver." The marketing department wants you to imagine that the new Accord is going to taught the nuances of your driving environment and learn the way you drive on the roads you drive.

Turn a couple more pages and find that even with a Honda, "Sex Sell". "This is about lines and curves and shape. In other words, it's about desire." They mention that the new Accord is designed to invite a stare and that it can stir passion. Everyone wants to seen in the right place with the right people and of course in the right car. Honda has done a great job on this page to address the "Right Car" part of this equation.

As you continue through the brochure, "It's like no other Accord we've ever built. It's like every Accord we've ever built." If it aint broke don't fix it, well Honda knew the Accord was not broken, but they wanted you to know that they completely scrutinized all facets of the Accord and refined all areas to make the latest Accord the greatest Accord.

Honda has always been about its engine. The reliability of a Honda will never be undersold. Now, to go along with the engines unsurpassed reliability, is a new found power plant and environmentally emission friendly design. "It starts with a commitment. It starts with a promise. It starts with an engine."

Of course, Honda had to touch on what is becoming "The Marketing Catch Phrase" "DNA". This is simply what engineers' thought process was when creating the new Accord. They wanted to be environmentally friendly, "Green". They wanted the Accord to be safe and at the same time be fun. They are convinced and wanted to convince you that they have accomplished all the above.

The overall design and layout of the 2008 Honda Accord brochure gets a big thumbs up. They have managed to touch on the emotional side of the potential buyer and let them imagine what it would "Feel like" to own the 2008 Honda Accord. Being one with your machine, getting noticed, sexy, fun, safe and "Green" is what they want to feel. If the Accord comes close to the sales pitch of the brochure, Honda has another homerun on their hands.



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