Sunday, November 4, 2007

Honda Civic Hybrid 2006 (Voted Best Car of the Year, 2005)-Honda New York

Here is some useful information about Honda Civic Hybrid 2006 (Voted Best Car of the Year, 2005)-Honda New York :
Honda is a company that has build a great reputation over time for reliability and trustworthiness, and is without any question of doubt one of the most popular names on the auto market today. Because they are so popular, it’s no surprise why there are many certified used car dealers around for them too.
Honda has also joined the race to produce cars for the environmentally conscious among us or those who are just frugal about fuel. One such car that will save money on gas, even if it does cost a bit extra to purchase, is the newly revealed 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid.
The very new 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid already has a great reputation. In 2005, it was voted as Best Car of the Year by Car and Driver, and that was not the only award it received in 2005 either. The 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid is a new kind of auto developed only in the past couple of years.
How it works is that it has a small internal combustion gas engine in the front of the vehicle which is smaller than other cars. The engine builds up electricity to power electric motors. These motors can accelerate the car more economically than can a regular car powered by just a gas engine. The reason is because normally, acceleration guzzles a heap of gas, but on the 2006 Honda Hybrid, the gas engine doesn't have to work so hard when gathering speed. What happens is the electric motors power the car by using the energy already stored up by the engine while breaking or at ticking over, and the result of this is that considerably less gas is used and there comes the economy.
Some of the 2006 Honda Civic Hybrids can get as much as 40 to 50 miles on a gallon of fuel or more. That is more than double the mileage of many conventional cars on the roads today! And with the rising cost of petrol, although you have to pay a pretty penny for a new Honda Hybrid, this motor quickly saves you so much money in the long run
For a person like me, this is a perfect model. As a businessman who travels a lot, I can effortlessly notch up hundreds of miles in a week on my car’s odometer, and often more. In addition, traveling between the great states, I often have to drive through mountainous areas, which, for a regular car does just dreadful things for your mileage and fuel economy. Ahh, but with my 2006 Honda Hybrid, it's nothing. Those clever electric engines handle the speeding up and deceleration with hardly a noticeable increase in additional consumption. You see, what they have to use up on the climb, they simply make up for on the downhill part of the trip.
It has to be said that I love my 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid car. It's just so much better than the gas guzzler I used to have, which was a 2000 Jaguar XJR, and although it was just heaven in comfort and style, I reached a point in my life where style wasn’t the only important consideration anymore. Nowadays, I'm trying to save some money, and to think about the environment a little more.