Saturday, November 3, 2007

Honda Civic and Accord-Honda New York

Here is some useful information about Honda Civic and Accord-Honda New York :
There are two names that define Honda cars more than any other: Civic and Accord. Sure, newer models have sprung up including the CR-V, Element, Insight, Ridgeline, Odyssey, and more. Yet, it is these two heralded models that continue to make up the backbone of the famed Japanese automaker even to this day. Let’s look at the history of the Civic and Accord and how these models have brought Honda to where it is today: a seller of vehicles espousing world class quality and affordability.
The Honda Civic has graced American roads since the early 1970s. For years it attracted quiet notice as it was truly a “mini” amongst giants. Consumers had pet names for the car including –- “pregnant roller skate” –- yet the car began to quickly attract a loyal following. Indeed, with two fuel shortages popping up in the 1970s the gas sipping Civic caught on for its economy as well as for its reliability. To this day, 30 year old plus Civics can still be seen around town as owners carefully maintain their vehicles with the highest quality Honda Civic parts. Today’s Civics, although larger than their predecessors continue to receive accolades including receiving an all around five star safety rating from the NHTSA.
In the early 1980s Honda introduced the Accord, a five passenger sedan. With the opening of Honda’s first US automotive plant in 1982, the Accord quickly established itself as a segment darling with consumers. By 2001, the Accord became the best selling car in the US, bypassing the ever popular Toyota Camry. Since then, the two cars have been the top sellers in the U.S. Well crafted Honda Accord parts are keeping even the most classic Accord on the road today. Indeed, it is this level of quality and reliability which continues to make Honda cars a world leader in value as well as dependability.
So, whether you own an older Accord or Civic or one of Honda’s many newer models you can keep your car running for years by purchasing reliable Honda Civic radiators and other parts as needed. Honda reliability and dependability are trademarks of this esteemed Japanese automaker and all of their models are certain to continue to be world class performers for many more years.
Matt Keegan is a contributing writer for Car Parts Stuff, an online supplier of high quality and well priced automobile parts.