Sunday, March 15, 2009

Honda Review - Accord 2010 Review Part 2

Here is some useful information about Honda Review - Accord 2010 Review Part 2 :
Last post, I have been submitted about accord 2010. In that review, I have been telling you the accord 2010 review as general.

Today, what I want to share is about user comment about accord 2010. Many peoples are very satisfied on this car. Here it is of the latest Honda cars :

The acceleration on this car is very high. No need to change until gear 1 to start move when traffic light switch red. Only use second gear to start moving.

Fuel Economy
This car also fuel economy. this is because the engine is base on hybrid engine. By Japan technology, this is the advantage. This will save so much credit for fuel by the fuel price are increasing up today.

The handling of this car are also give the driver comfortable. By use the power steering, this accord 2010 driving more comfort.

This accord 2010 are very safety. This is because this car use air bag. Also the breaking system use BS system technology.

Most of accord 2010 user give this car rating 5 stars. This is because the technology use on this car is the latest technology. So, more comfortable and more safety. If you plan to buy brand new car, I suggest you by buying this car. Many people very satisfied of this car.

accord 2010